Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Issue 3 is here! Next stop Christmas!

Issue three zoomed in to your inbox this morning!

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This issue is packed full of gorgeous goodies. We've got fashion advice, Ms. Kate's beauty bag (nothing like a good snoop around someone's make up!), something a little sexy with pole fitness, hair trends and eco shopping.

The winter is here so you are probably craving hot drinks and delicious food! Take a look at our hot chocolate guide and make yourself some yummy pita bread pizzas.

There's much more packed in, so make sure to check it out.
We're getting ready for Christmas here at BHBB. This includes signing out loud to Christmas songs and writing our list to Santa. 

Issue four is sent to your inbox on December 8 and it's going to have you tingling with holiday excitement. There's party fashion advice, glam make up, staying fit over the holiday season and, most importantly, shopping pages! Our top tip - print the issue, mark your fav gifts and leave it on your coffee table as a huge hint to your significant offer.

I hope you are enjoying BHBB. Please let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions for our experts. We are happy to help.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Entourage star, plus help with our fruit and veg intake... OK we're listening!

Girls, get yourself down to the Crazy Horse in Kanata at 8:00 p.m. on Friday November 19, for the launch of 2 Second Chewables in support of CAN Fund and The Foundation to Fight Childhood Obesity! The tickets are $15. (Thumbs up to the charity launch!)

We just heard that Kevin Dillon, AKA Johnny Drama from Entourage, is going to be at the event! Also, Canadian athletes! There is nothing wrong with a bit of shameless star smoozing. We will definitely be there!

The launch is happening for a reason. With busy lives we all have times where our fruit and veg intake may be a little low (yes, we are only human). The 2 Second Salad and 2 Second Fruit is a natural supplement that is packed full of all the nutrients that you would get from a whole salad. They are not like the bog standard supplements, they are chewable, tasty and sugar free... Thank you supplement gods!

So, here's the facts: 2 Second Salad contains over 25 different vegetables and fruit from green super foods like spirulina pacifica, which has 2300% (that is a huge percentage!) more iron than spinach, to broccoli and tomatoes. 2 Second Fruit is packed with antioxidant-rich blueberries and anthocyanins, which help maintain overall good health. There is also 2 Second Slim.

May be something to add to your regular diet and fitness routine if you need that extra boast? That's for you to decide. They are available at 50 Quickie stores across the Ottawa region as well as all five Greco fitness Studios. 

We are planning on bringing some pictures from the launch so stay tuned!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And here is issue two!

One deep breath... and issue two is sent!

If you've signed up, then the issue should be sitting in your inbox right now, so go and check! If you haven't signed up yet, then do so at and you can find all the issues there too!

This issue is full of gorgeous goodies; Alison Hughes and Ms. Kate give fabulous fashion and beauty advice (Ms.Kate talks about winterizing skin and I am now moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing!), kickstart your fitness routine for the holidays with some martial arts and belly dancing, cook yourself some delicious honey and lemon chicken and check out our interview with Hayley Gibson from Birds of North America! All this and a contest from Stella & Dot!

As always let us know your opinions, thoughts and if you have health, beauty or fashion news or tip offs then let us know now!

The next issue is zooming in to you inbox on November 24 and then we're into December! December 8 is our Christmas issue including the ultimate Christmas wish list... Dear Sanata we've been so good here in Ottawa!

For now wrap up warm, read the latest issue and enjoy!

Bye for now,

Sarah xo